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A “first of its kind” network of distributed, Colocation Data Centers built exclusively on an inclusion-based delivery model.


Data Centers built exclusively on an inclusion-based delivery model.

When co-founders Terry Comer and David Calloway dug deeper into the conditions surrounding their beloved Atlanta University Center, a collection of five historically black colleges & universities, the disparity in technology, connectivity & community learning resources led them to create a “new class” of integrated digital “learning” infrastructure. Their focus — to close the digital skills gap nationally while delivering corporate partners better avenues to securely store and process their data, locally. They believed that a community transformation data center model alongside colleges and universities, particularly HBCUs, would better assist enterprises in securing their data while developing a more diverse, career ready pipeline of talent and broader connectivity options within historically underserved communities.

Their vision included four core elements of value to HigherEd institutions and their surrounding communities with a cumulative value to each host HBCU well exceeding $70 million. Each Dream Center would deliver the following key benefits: (1) Meaningful recurring revenue streams to help financially sustain HBCUs (2) Access to research level connectivity and community on-ramps within “technology deserts” (3) on-campus product innovation & entrepreneurship labs to spur advanced student learning, and (4) newly commissioned workforce development spaces for local training & digital programming, ensuring everyone an opportunity to participate in the New Digital Economy.


Why Data Centers Empowered?

The way Companies do business has changed forever. New remote environments, a greater focus on diversity & inclusion and the proliferation of data have increased demands on the traditional data center. That’s why ImpactData is working to bring Companies closer to their workloads and the diverse talent pipelines needed to future proof their business. ImpactData recognized this need early on, and through its distributed network of Dream Centers is reshaping how Corporate Partners engage with the very communities that have hosted them for decades. By building digital “learning” & colocation infrastructure in underserved communities, ImpactData is helping Enterprises on their digital transformation journey while leveraging their data to revitalize historically disinvested communities — creating a path for the first, hybrid cloud, tech for good platform.

ImpactData is creating a “connected” ecosystem where Enterprises can leverage their “Data for Good” to advance student learning, sustain HBCUs, and support digital upskilling hubs in low-income areas. Through our partnership with DigitalBridge, the world’s largest digital technology fund, we are committed to deploying over $1.0 billion in data infrastructure over the next decade, the largest in the history of higher education. Through our innovative Dream Center model, we strive to empower Local Communities, IT Staffs, Data Users, HigherEd Institutions, and the diverse talent yet to be identified within your business. So, let ImpactData be your trusted advisor for the most secure, hybrid cloud solution that is right for your organization. This is Data Centers Empowered.

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