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Digital Transformation

ImpactData partnered with an influential HBCU in a key southern edge market to pilot its Dream Center concept. Shortly thereafter, the joint Team was approached by a Global Fortune 100 client to consolidate its existing data center assets, expand the Company’s hybrid multi-cloud capabilities, and deliver data visibility across a demanding set of 24-hour workloads. The large, global client also highlighted its interest in better aligning with the College for a more robust, diverse talent acquisition strategy.


Hybrid Colocation with Integrated Digital Learning

The ImpactData team began actively working alongside the prospective client to architect a solution to successfully migrate both static and live workloads and provide a single pane of glass for policy management and data visibility, while adhering to strict legal requirements, compliance standards, data speeds and network latency requirements for its modernized applications and internal development velocity. We also set out to establish an “emerging technologies” innovation lab on the HBCU campus to support a more diverse, career ready workforce for the Client.


Secure Data. Diverse Talent. HBCU Sustainability.

ImpactData is delivering the Fortune 100 Client a comprehensive Hybrid IT solution to store and process its workloads locally while facilitating an innovative “Emerging Technologies” Learning lab to provide the Company greater access to diverse students earlier in the talent acquisition cycle. Separately, ImpactData has entered into a revenue partnership with the HBCU partner while delivering over 40,000 square feet of academic and workforce training space all at NO cost to the HigherEd institution.

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